Sell More with Live Social Proof Popups

Popify convinces visitors to buy from you with confidence and trust. Using Popify you can create scarcity and build trust by showing recent orders, recent add to carts, customer reviews, discount coupons and hot deals.

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7 Types Of Popups

Popify offers 7 types of popups to be used on your store. Informational popup, Live visitors and last 24 hours counter, Reviews popup, Recent orders, add to carts and a discount coupon popup.

Full customization

You can control on which pages to show the popup (All pages, homepage, add to cart page, thank you page etc...) Where to display it on the screen and When to display it.

Custom Templates Designs

Popify offers over 60 ready templates to be used on your shop with a click of a mouse. Every template can be used on any store and you change the colors, the background and the text styling.

Reviews integration

Popify integrates with Editorify and Ryviu apps so you can show your reviews as popups on any page of your store! You can choose between showing a specific product reviews or all products reviews. (Editorify or Ryviu apps are required)


Create a Kickass "special sale" design in less than 2 minutes!

Popup notifications are a fast and efficient way to communicate with your audience. With popups, you can send your users reminders, personalized offers, news and you can trigger immediate purchases. Popify makes it super easy to create a unique design for any holiday or event.